Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Joy of Motherhood

My daughter is terrified to wipe her own ass. Seriously.

"Chloe, honey, don't you think it's about time you started wiping your own butt after you poop?"

"NO! That's what Mommy's do. Kids poop. Mommies wipe butts."

Oy. So glad to know my job is such an important one.

"Why don't you want to wipe your own butt? That's what big kids do honey."

"Because I'm scaaared. Wiping butts is scary."

Heh, Yeah. You're tellin' me.

I'm trying to prepare her for the day when she will have to wipe her own behind. I tell her frequently, "It's almost time for you to try it yourself." She refuses to believe me. Apparently I will be wiping her ass until she is a mommy herself. Lord help me.


I was antsy and irritable and restless all day yesterday. I got more done than any one person should accomplish in a day, but I felt like I was in a funk all day. Toward evening, I realized why: I have no projects on my needles! Ack! Not knitting makes me a very cranky person. And so, I have decided I'm going to jump on the CPH bandwagon. I generally try to avoid things that everyone else is doing. It's the rebel in me, I suppose. But this hoodie is too cool for that. I'm gonna buy the yarn at Michael's today when we're there for the kid's craft class. My yarn will be much cheaper than the $60+ that the pattern calls for. I'm a tightwad, what can I say. But I think it'll be great still. I would really, really love to find something in that great avocado green color, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. Purple will be my next choice, followed by sky blue. We'll see what they have.

Ooh! I'm excited to start a 'real' project now!


Dani said...

Chloe is too funny! Lilli wipes her own butt, but she always comes out and asks me if she got it all. LOL

Jan said...

Oh what memories! Andy, who is now 21 and newly engaged was one of those kids who would paitently wait for me to come up and wipe him.

One day, when he was 4 or 5, I was frustrated. I said that I could just see me wiping his @ss when he was 30.

"No," he said. "By then I'll find a wife and she can do it."

The innocence and the honesty of kids!

Someday it will all click. It's also about then that you get to thinking that your babies are growing up way too fast!