Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My birthday girl

Oh my goodness. Where have the last five years gone? It seems like just last week I was bringing my baby home from the hospital, along with a pile of medical supplies and tanks of oxygen.

They told us she would likely never walk. Heck, they prepared us for the fact that she might not live. She would have difficulties all through life, may not develop properly because of the brain damage she had incurred in utero.

Today, she's a singing, dancing, non-stop talking FIVE year old. To look at her, you'd never know about the rough start she had in life. She's smart as a whip, active and coordinated. She amazes me.

Birthdays are always bittersweet. I wonder if that'll ever go away. I'm so proud of her for the little person she's become, but I can't believe she's already so grown up!

She had a wonderful birthday yesterday - lots of fun presents, several visitors throughout the day, and lots of and lots of play time with Mom, her favorite. We went out to Old Chicago's for dinner (her choice) and they sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a cookie.

I've collected dress up stuff over the past year - some Halloween costumes and wigs, and other things. I piled them all into a big bag as one of her gifts. The wigs freaked her out at first, but then became a big hit. She wore the Marilyn Monroe one all day long. When someone would come to the door she'd say "I'm sorry, I haven't seen Chloe. Just this little blonde girl is here." LOL It was hilarious.

For a five year old, she does a great job of sharing with her baby sister. See?


Ya know what's cool about being a mom? I have the power to buy all the cool things I always wished I'd had as a kid for my own daughters, and then they think I'm really cool because I play with them. LOL I'm so glad I'm the mother of girls!

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!