Saturday, January 5, 2008

Meet Milo

Much to the chagrin of our beloved black lab puppy, we have acquired a new fur baby. Milo is Chloe's 5th birthday present, as promised a year ago. He's settling in quite nicely - he and Chloe seem to be hitting it off. In fact, he won't leave her (or me) alone. He's quite friendly, and loves attention.

Izzy didn't realize what it was she was smelling at first. Then, as she peered over the baby gate, she caught a glimpse of it. A cat! A dreaded cat! She spends countless hours ridding her yard of cats, only to have one brought INSIDE her home. She seems very confused - she's racing around the house, salivating uncontrollably, barking, whimpering, and trying to get us to realize there is a CAT in her HOUSE, but we don't seem nearly as upset by it as she is. And that just makes her try harder. Poor dog. What a hard thing to understand. And to have to share her girl must be very difficult.

Welcome to our little family, Milo!

1 comment:

Apryl said...

he's very cute. Looks a lot like our kitty, Taco.