Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year.

Dick Clark is so old he can't even do a whole New Year's Rockin' Eve anymore. The Ball is now 'eco-friendly' - whatever that means. And we were barely stayed awake to watch it all and sip the remainder of our bottle of champagne. How sad is that? Cora thought it would be fun to try and stay up with us, but crashed out somewhere around 11:30. How nice of her to keep us company. :o)

With a new year brings plenty of new hopes, dreams and big ideas. And resolutions - we all have New Year's Resolutions, no? I've always been one to make a huuuuge list of resolutions, essentially changing my entire being all the way down to the core, and then failing miserably by January 2nd and giving up on all of them simultaneously, going back to the wretched sinner that I already am. And yet still, I make a whole new list of resolutions every year.

This year's list? Stop smoking (again. Ugh!) Relax... a lot: Play more, stress less. There's the usual be a better mom, be a better wife, be more organized, blah blah. But the two important ones are to stop smoking, and to chill out and enjoy life a little more. How are we doing? Well, I've already had one cigarette (there's only two left in the pack, I can't just throw them away, that's like murder!) And my kitchen is a disaster area and I'm leaving it that way till later, after I've had breakfast with my family and watched a bit of the Rose Parade. One outta two ain't bad, right?

Wishing all my friends and family the most wonderful of years in 2008.

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