Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pics of the day

How to entertain myself when my man is out of town? Take pictures, of course!

Isn't she just gorgeous? :o) I love her.

Chloe playing cowgirl with her dog

Izzy saying hello...

And my little helper, who begged me to let her do dishes. So I did - all by herself. She did pretty good, actually.

Milo is quite settled in. In fact, he keeps trying to help himself to my lap, but there's a baby nursing in his way. He and Isabel had their first taste of one another today - quite literally. She wasn't trying to hurt him... she just wanted to see what cat actually tasted like, I'm sure. She opened her mouth slowly and gently, placed her jaws around his little head, and discovered quickly that such actions result in a quick smack on the nose. :oP Other than his close brush with death though, he's had a very nice day - he unwound a stray ball of yarn, played dress up and ballerina with his new girl, kept me sneezing consistently all day long, and happily adopted the baby's bouncer as his own personal pink plush cat bed. He's currently wrestling an apron string. I think he's going to be mighty entertaining.

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