Thursday, January 24, 2008


Mmmm. Love the smell of Modge Podge in the morning!

No, seriously, for me the smell of Modge Podge is synonymous with creativity. I absolutely love it.

So while I've been sitting here sniffing glue today, I created this:

Is there anything tasteful about a collage of beer labels? eh, probably not. But I'm quite pleased with it nonetheless. This is a project that has been over a year in the making. (It takes awhile to drink all that beer, ya know!) LOL We are doing the World Beer Tour at Old Chicago. Basically, it involves drinking 110 different beers (not at one time. They have rules about that!) Each time we order a bottled beer, we take the label home. I've been collecting labels now for over a year. There are beers from China, Japan, Germany, England, lots from Colorado and the US, one from Yellowstone that we got while were there visiting... There's just something kinda cool about that to me.

That, and we simply love good beer. Why not advertise that fact by hanging proof of it on our kitchen wall? :o)

***Disclaimer: I was not really "sniffing" glue. I swear!


Yesterday was so dull and boring. By 8 am I was bored, so I went shopping. :-P I went to Target and bought the girls' January gifts for the gift closet. For Chloe, a tattoo craft kit. You can make over 3600 temporary tattoos. (Should make Andrew real happy. heh.) For Cora, a little turtle thing that lights up, teaches colors and numbers, and rolls across the floor when you push it back. Have I explained my Christmas shopping to you? I'm sure I have, but just in case - I buy a gift each month through the year. At their birthday and at Christmas, they get 6 gifts. I try to spend about $20 (no more than that) on each gift, but less than that is great too. Chloe's tattoo thing was regular 19.99 but I got it 50% off, and Cora's thing was regular 17.99 but I got it for 9.94 or something like that. It keeps Christmas reasonable, instead of blowing tons of cash all in December.


My sister in law came over yesterday. We sat and visited for some time, and it was really nice. She's the older of the two girls, and I haven't ever spent that much time talking to her before. I think it went well, though I have been sitting there replaying it all in my head since she left, kicking myself for saying some things. I always do that though. We actually talked about a lot of *real stuff, which was cool. Whenever their mom is around, it seems everything is superficial, but this wasn't. I really do enjoy the girls' company. I just wish it happened more often that they were able to hang out alone!


And the last little tid bit I have for today - my hubby is coming home today! Woo hoo! 4:15 pm. It can't come fast enough.

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