Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Thursday : In-Law Day.

The in-laws are coming for dinner tonight. No, not dinner, salad, because that is all they will eat. No opportunity to impress them with my amazing domestic skills by cooking a fantastic, utterly scrumptious meal. I am making a salad. BUT! It will be a damn good salad.

I can't describe the way my mother in law makes me feel. Sort of suicidal. No... maybe it's more like homicidal. Or maybe it's a mix of both. My stomach is in knots. My mind is revolving around all the stupid things I will say or do to make her hate me more. Or all the innocent, but still stupid, things Chloe will say to make her hate me more. I sit and run dialogues in my head of all the things I wish she would say to me and all the things I wish I had the balls to say to her. Of course none of them will ever be said. So I'll just imagine them to my heart's content.

My house is mostly clean, though I'll go over the floors one more time before tonight. Chloe WILL take a nap today, because otherwise she will be cranky and fussy, which they absolutely cannot see.

Oy. It's not even noon, and I am desperately wishing I could toss back a couple of shots already.


Kim said...

Okay, so I don't know a lot of the background... What the f*** is up with your inlaws??

Julie said...

A very brief run down: they are ultra religious and ultra conservative (think long skirts and head coverings.) They don't approve of me in the least. MIL spent the first year trying to convince her son to leave me. Now she pretends to be a lovey dovey and it irritates me to no end.

Add to that her obsession with all things healthy - raw fruits and veggies only. Being as I like my food cooked, and I'm a carnivore, it's one more thing to make her disapprove of me.

That's the quick version. :o)

Lover of lives... said...

You cant even know how very much I identify with your stress where the Miller's are concerned. I could tell you some stories. Oy is right. Such hypocrites. But I do love those girls..M and N make it better somehow to have dealings with their mother.

Keep your chin won, and that's what pisses her off.