Wednesday, January 16, 2008



So I"ve taken to spinning yarn again. I had a bunch of unspun wool and hadn't done anything with it for almost a year. It's so much fun to do - I'm glad I started again. I'm spinning up some laceweight, and then want to ply it with some bulky olive green yarn, if I can develop the ability to spin bulky yarn. Ever since I figured it out, all I can spin is laceweight. I can spin yarn as thin as thread if I want to, but I can't spin anything heavier than lace. LOL My wool is undyed, so I'm going to have to find some way to dye it the colors I want - greens and browns. We'll see how that goes. I would like to make a hat, I think. I spun the whole time we watched American Idol last night and really got quite a lot done.

Ohhhh American Idol. We are not TV watchers. As in, there aren't any TV shows that I watch on any even remotely basis. Except for American Idol. I just love this show, though I'm rather ashamed to admit it. Last night was fun, all the auditions. The one girl, the crazy sparkly girl with star-shaped earrings and a voice like Joan Jett, she reminded us so much of one of our friends, Micah, the way she was talking and whatnot. It was rather hilarious.


Milo is sick. He's sneezy and coughy and acts like he doesn't feel well. We have a vet appointment for him this morning, but I'm not sure we'll still take him. We'll see how he's feeling in a bit. We started giving him some animal homeopathic, that might fix him. I'm happy to report that Milo and Isabel are very good friends now. They even sleep together at night. On OUR bed. Why, why, why won't the animals sleep with Chloe, the one who is "all alone" and wants them to sleep with her? Why must they take up all the extra foot room on our bed so that we are unable to move at night? But anyway, yes, they are friends. It's really cute.

Andrew's out hunting small furry animals again (What is it with guys and killing cute furry animals?) I don't think we have too many interesting things happening today, but hopefully I'll get some stuff done around this house, it's pretty messy.

OH! I didn't even mention our windows! We got new windows! :::doing the happy dance::: They came and replaced all the windows in our house on Monday. They're so wonderful. There's no longer ice on the windows when we wake up in the morning, and the living room and kitchen aren't freezing cold. It's so great. I'm in love with them. Our old windows were from the 1950's - single pane and everything. I'm very excited. And now we get to paint the living room and buy new window treatments - yay! If anyone has any suggestions on what color I should paint my living room, feel free to comment. I'm leaning toward brown. Or maybe green. Nanny says we should do it green. I need to decide by tomorrow.

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