Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday again

Andrew's week off is over, time to get back on track again. We had such a great week - visiting with his brother and sis in law, getting new windows put in (the house is amazingly warm now!), painting the living room and hallway a wonderful light brown color, and lots of just spending quality time together.

And, as always, we got totally off track with everything else, so it's like starting over again. Thankfully, there's not really anywhere we need to go today. I might try and schedule a play date with one of her friends. I have some cleaning and such to catch up on - housework went on the back burner all week and I only kept up with the very basics.

I was looking over some scope and sequence charts for Preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade. Sis in law made a comment regarding Chloe's having recently turned five - "Oh, you'll have to start homeschooling her soon then, won't you?" Err... Isn't that what we've been doing since the beginning? But now suddenly, I feel pressure to get her learning. They say this part goes away after awhile. I sure hope so!

Nonetheless, I checked over the charts to see where she stands. I'm happy to report that, in most areas, she's about halfway through kindergarten. Her math is a little weak, but her science, social studies and reading/English are all very strong. Her science is actually more like first grade, possibly higher. It's the animals thing - she loves them so much, and knows so much about them. We're gonna work on memorizing our phone number and address, since she hasn't done that yet, and work a little harder on numbers and number recognition and some other math concepts. Her reading is amazing - she's got several blends down really well, and she's starting to understand the "silent e changes the vowel to a long sound" concept, like in plate and face.
kfast and lunch doing phonics on the fridge with magnetic letters, and then some time spent reading aloud, and some time doing something with numbers and math. I feel like I should be doing more, but I doubt her attention span would allow that. So we'll just keep on going like we are.


I've been spinning lots of yarn. I'm working on trying to get some chunkier yarn now to ply with my laceweight stuff, but it's pretty slubby. Ah well. It'll have character. I need to hurry and finish it and dye it and make something - I've not had anything on the needles now for a whole week! I need to get some scrapbooking done too and get caught up. Chloe needs another book started for this year, and Cora's book is pretty far behind - I think it only goes up till October or November. Guess I should make that a goal for this week too.

Okay, that's all the rambling I have for today. I need to upload some pics and then I'll post those soon.

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